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All About Eve (1950) – Film Review – Ep. 66
Anthony's Rating: 9
David's Rating: 6
Helen's Rating: 10
Cineverm Rating: 8

This week Helen & Anthony discuss the Best Picture winner All About Eve! Does it still hold up to modern day standards? Does it enter our Canon??

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Synopsis for All About Eve

A seemingly timid but secretly ruthless ingénue insinuates herself into the lives of an aging Broadway star and her circle of theater friends.

Podcast Transcript

Anthony: So to start, this is I think your third selection.

Helen: Yeah, third because I snuck “Ruby Sparks” in there.

Anthony: Yeah, so this is your third choice, and I loved it. It was a magnificent film that I am so happy to have finally seen. I’d never heard of it, but today I was listening to a bunch of podcasts talk about it, and I didn’t know how renowned it was. When you first told me the film titled just “All about Eve,” I was like ‘Oh, this is gonna be a rom-com.’ For some reason, I thought like ’10 Things about Mary’ or like, you know, those other rom-com names where it’s a lady’s name. But, yeah, instead this is a very witty and smart and sharp . . . I guess it’s like the talkie genre or period of films. I think this is my first real talkie movie. I don’t count “Mank,” the most recent movie that was one. But, yeah, so I wanted to ask you: what does this movie mean to you when you first discovered it, and how has it grown?