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Beast (2017) – Film Review – Ep. 72
Anthony's Rating: 5
David's Rating: 4
Helen's Rating: 9
Cineverm Rating: 6

This week, Helen & Anthony break down the 2017 romantic thriller Beast, starring Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn!

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Synopsis for Beast

In a small island community, a troubled young woman falls for a mysterious outsider who empowers her to escape her oppressive family. When he comes under suspicion for a series of murders, she defends him at all costs.

Podcast Transcript

This film was a long time coming. I think you saw it like two or three weeks ago. I don’t know what time it is anymore. But you recently rewatched it, so I wanted to start with you: what were your initial impressions of this movie and how was this re-watch?

Wow, well it’s really hard for me to compare and contrast the two watches without spoiling anything. But I will say that the first time I watched it, it felt much more like kind of a romantic romp with a twist. And then the second time around, it just felt grim with a capital G. And I don’t know if I’ll be watching it a third time honestly. But, yeah it definitely shook me to my core. I’m glad I picked this movie. Yeah, it was a transformative experience for me. It really, really was. It really hit me in a way that I was not expecting. I don’t know what I was expecting. The reason I picked this for the pod was because I know you love Jesse Buckley and I love Johnny Flynn, and I love his music. I have heard and adore all of his albums, but I hadn’t really seen him act in anything other than that Netflix show Lovesick, which is just kind of a dumb rom-com. So I hadn’t really seen his chops. I hadn’t seen him really flex as an actor, and so I was really looking forward to this movie to see him do that, and boy did I get what I wanted on that front. This is a performance movie…