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Cineverm Resurrections

We are officially back!!! No more hiatus! Cineverm will resume its weekly release starting right now! In Cineverm Resurrections, Anthony, David & Helen discuss some house cleaning things! like Canon talk, Helen’s personal canon, Anthony & David’s Canon updates and much more! 

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Podcast Excerpt

Anthony: This week, we are going to do a short and sweet housekeeping episode where we will discuss updates on our review system, canon picks, learn about Helen’s canon of cinema, and announce Helen’s and David’s film slate that they have chosen for the rest of the year. And then, before we dig into those topics, I just wanted to briefly say that we will officially be back on our weekly release schedule from here on out. So we are officially out of our hiatus with Helen joining the squad. So we should be able to hit these weekly releases. So that is very exciting. And then also be sure to check out our “Introducing Helen” episode that was released last week, so you can hear some of her cinema backstory. But, okay, so I guess to hit the topics, I guess to start out: what should we start out with? Okay, I’ll start out with my updated review system, which isn’t really an update because I’ve been thinking a lot about changing my 10 out of 10’s from just being what I think is a masterpiece film to something that’s more personal. And I went back to my long, written draft, and the second bullet has: “to cause an intense emotional reaction from me.” I forgot to do that, so a lot of my 10’s are being stripped from their 10 out of 10’s and they are now 9 out of 10’s, and I only have I think I counted 25 ten out of tens from all the films I’ve ever seen in my life.