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Drive (2011) – Film Review – Ep. 77
Anthony's Rating: 10
David's Rating: 10
Helen's Rating: 7
Cineverm Rating: 9

This week, we discuss DRIVE!!

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Synopsis for Drive

Driver is a skilled Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals. Though he projects an icy exterior, lately he’s been warming up to a pretty neighbor named Irene and her young son, Benicio. When Irene’s husband gets out of jail, he enlists Driver’s help in a million-dollar heist. The job goes horribly wrong, and Driver must risk his life to protect Irene and Benicio from the vengeful masterminds behind the robbery.

Podcast Transcript

Anthony: So this is one of Helen’s picks for this little schedule we got going on here. So I had to begin with you, Helen. What were your initial impressions? Because this was a first watch for you, right?

Helen: Yeah, I mean, I was impressed by it. These movies that have a huge reputation as being taught at film school – one of the most beautiful movies ever, every film bro loves them, so many people adore them, great filmmakers like Anthony Renteria it was their film awakening – you know, they either fall completely flat and are not worth the hype or they’re actually legit. And this movie was definitely legit. It was definitely beautiful to look at. The music hit me just right. The performances were all perfect, except for Albert Brooks, which I will talk about more I guess later…