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Europa Report (2013) – Film Review
David's Rating: 6

David’s Review

A procedural, found-footage sci-fi astronaut flick that stands out from the rest in this genre for its dedication to realism, attention-to-detail, and restraint. You can tell the filmmakers actually cared about getting the technical aspects of space travel as realistic as possible, and that dedication definitely adds to the tension of the film as unfortunate events unfold. This film has some of the most horrifying deaths in a space movie I can remember. Not horrifying because of gore or violence; it’s an existential horror that I can’t believe I haven’t seen explored quite like this genre before. This film is also laudable for the way it presents the events without telling us how to feel about them, especially the ending, which raises a lot of interesting questions about the value of space exploration. Be warned: don’t expect any huge action sequences or flashy special effects. This is a more of a cerebral movie about what is unseen and unknown.