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Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) – Film Review – Ep. 53
Anthony's Rating: 9
David's Rating: 7
Cineverm Rating: 8

We enter the multi-verse of Daniels! This week Anthony & David re-cap the film taking film twitter & Letterboxd by storm. Everything Everywhere All At Once! Is it the instant cult classic many are claiming it to be? Is it the defining Multi-Verse film ever?

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Podcast Transcript Excerpt

Anthony: I guess I’ll start a little bit because you’ve seen the film more recently than me, and, it’s weird, I don’t think I’ve forgotten a lot about the movie, but it was so much movie I’m struggling to wrangle any single idea from it. This was my first experience with Daniel’s films. I think you had said earlier, pre-podcast, that you had seen Swiss Army Man. So for me just initially, it was like: I didn’t know anything about the movie. I guess the one thing I went in with I guess would be an interesting topic to cover because it very rarely happens: where a film comes out and it’s immediately a cult classic. It just lands and everyone’s talking about it. And I feel like this is one of the buzziest movies that I’ve heard about in a long time. I guess in the Letterbox community specifically. Because it literally debuted as the number one film of all time rated on that website. So I did go into the movie with that expectation and then I was like, “Oh this is totally not gonna live up to that. This is a freak accident.” But then at the end of the movie I was like, “I guess this makes a lot of sense.” I feel like Letterbox is the film hipster kind of community, and I think this film perfectly fits that mold. So I guess, what were your initial impressions coming out of the theater?

David: Remember I told you right after that it put me in a good mood. I wasn’t expecting that. It put me in a really positive mood afterwards, a hopeful mood. Because I think the movie’s theme is really interesting and I can’t think of another movie that’s really tackled that theme in the same way, which is how do you deal with the meaninglessness of the modern world, especially with all that we know about science and just everyday life and how it is.

everything everywhere all at once movie still

Synopsis for Everything Everywhere All At Once

When an interdimensional rupture unravels reality, an unlikely hero must channel her newfound powers to fight bizarre and bewildering dangers from the multiverse as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.