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Highlander (1986) – Film Review
David's Rating: 7

David’s Review

What a fun, strange movie. I was expecting Sean Connery, swash-buckling sword fights, Scottish scenery, and “There can be only one.” I was not expecting gorgeous, creative cinematography that elevates almost every scene with dynamic camerawork and makes a lot of modern movies look lazy in comparison. Yeah, it’s campy with its Bond-esque villain (neck scar stitched together with safety pins), forgotten females, unexplained metaphysics, a police procedural subplot that goes nowhere, and a kind of weird leading man; but, boy does it relish in its cheese. It enjoys itself, and that feels so wholesome. 80’s New York is gorgeously shot. The sets are entertaining, especially during the firecracker of a finale when the special effects department got to go wild with hand-drawn special effects. And the movie opens with one of the most badass songs for an opening credit sequence I can remember, courtesy of Queen. If you’re ready for a modern/medieval campy good time featuring dudes decapitating each other with swords, look no further. There can be only one Highlander.