About Anthony

Top 5 films: Parasite / Her / First Reformed / Midsommar / Drive

Hello! I’m Anthony Renteria. I am a struggling Author/Filmmaker. I say struggling because I have yet to finish anything worth sharing, yet. Born in California and raised in the buttcrack of Alabama, I started this podcast on January 14, 2018, with one purpose, to talk about the wonderful art form that is cinema! Feel free to follow all my personal online doings below.

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About David

Top 5 films: Eraserhead / Synecdoche, New York / Fight Club (yeah, yeah, i know) / The Empire Strikes Back / Possession

I’m David. I’m a guy who loves talking about and watching movies. I was also from buttcrack Alabama, but I escaped up north. Come on, Anthony, what are you waiting for? XD

About Helen

Top 5 Films: A League Of Their Own / 2001:  A Space Odyssey / Hot Rod / NeverEnding Story / Wild Zero
Hey! I’m Helen Albea Cottingham. I am a mom who once studied to be an archaeologist but ended up working in a cubicle instead. I was born, raised, and still live in Alabama (I actually like it here, weird I know). I am a podcast fanatic with a lifelong love of cinema. Being on this show is therefore, obviously, my destiny.