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Introducing Helen!

This week, we are introducing a brand-new host: Helen Albea Cottingham! In this intro, Anthony & David ask Helen questions about her film awakening, her favorite films, her rating system and so much more!

**Disclaimer: Because this was our first three-way recording, we had a few technical issues so apologies for any harsh audio**

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Podcast Excerpt

Anthony: Today, we are introducing a new member to the Cineverm family: Helen Albea Cottingham. And we have David here, as well. Just to begin, thank you so much for joining the podcast. It has been a long time coming, and I’m very happy and excited to have you here. And as is our tradition when we introduce new people to the podcast, we want to kind of get to know you a little bit, so me and David have some questions, and I think you also have some questions for us as well that we’re going to discuss, and then hopefully all the listeners can get to know you a little bit. I guess I’ll start with the first question: so what was your film awakening, or was there a specific film or time period in your life where you realized that you loved film or that you understood it to be something greater than just something you watch and eat popcorn to?

Helen: Oh my goodness, that is a massive answer and an amazing question. And, yes, I’m so happy to be here. I heard the call that y’all are looking for another co-host and, out of the mist, I materialized. And this is a dream come true, it absolutely is. That question is so hard for me to answer because I could talk all day about it. I’ve basically spoken – I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, this sounds pretentious – but I’ve spoken the language of film since I was a child. My parents are huge film nerds. My brother has known he wants to be a director since he was a kid. My grandmother had the largest VHS collection you have ever seen; floor-to-ceiling shelves of just movies that we would go over there and spend weekends and just watch as many as we could in a weekend every time we visited her…